About us

You don't need to have an IT background or work experience in the IT industry to take advantage of our postgraduate studies and courses. All you need is passion, interest, the ability to think and the desire to grow. That's all it takes, or as much as it takes.

The Institute of Computer Science offers postgraduate studies dedicated to those wishing to deepen their IT knowledge, as well as develop in leading areas of modern IT. Training and postgraduate courses are aimed at both professionals wishing to enrich their knowledge and improve their qualifications, as well as people who are interested in gaining knowledge and acquiring new skills. We educate people who are in demand on the labor market, who understand the mechanisms governing the IT industry, and who are not afraid to take up challenges in the field of modern technologies and are able to take advantage of the opportunities they offer.

Our classes are held in modern and very well-equipped laboratory rooms. Our staff are the best specialists who combine scientific development with teaching and practice. The wealth of experience and interests makes our team unconventional and unique. See for yourself!

We are constantly developing and implementing new ideas. We update and enrich our offer based on the ever-changing needs of the labor market. Our scientific potential and emphasis on the training of practical skills are appreciated not only by individual recipients, but also by companies and institutions, for which the Institute of Computer Science prepares a dedicated offer, both in terms of training and postgraduate studies.

Explore our unique training offer today and get the competencies of the future!